C’on Ya’ll. This One is just for Nostalgia Fun.Yeah, I Am in My Second Childhood—”Meep Meep”

Flashback: Circa ’68.
No longer a child.

Not yet a man.

But I loved watching Road-Runner and Wile E. Coyote.

Every Saturday morning one could find me firmly ensconced in front of Mom’s and mine little B/W TV.

Watching RR & Coyote.
And laughing my ass off!

I was easily entertained—Had not yet developed my Cynicism.

Nor Had I Yet Discovered the Magical Nature of Girls

(That Would Come ‘Later’)


I planned my week around watching those two:

RR & Wile E. Coyote
So now I am doing it again.
Only difference is… Internet—Watch whenever I want—For as long as I want.

(Not good, as I have substance abuse issues)

As I said:

‘Second Childhood’

Meep! Meep!


Bonus ‘Added Value’ :

Flash Forward to the 90’s:

(Cartoons Kinda Changed)

Credit: The Legendary Joe Cartoon


“Once a Man and twice a Child.”

Check Out My ‘Real’ Situation

Cred for Vid Share: el perro reggae

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