I Have Far Too Many More Jimmy-‘Peanut’ Piland Stories Left to Tell–I Will NEVER Ever Allow HIS Memory to Die. Not as long as Breath Still Resides in my Body.

I loved him so much!

And More and More As the Years and Tears and jEARS, aND Beers Fly By.

“My Friend Jimmy”

There Resides an Empty Hole in my Heart

For Him


Stories We Could Tell – Jimmy Buffett

I miss Peanut

Marvelous Much.

Since I am in “Peanut Mode” tonight, I thought I would post this excerpt from a very ‘early-in-my-blogging days’ post regarding same, in the vain hope some would read the bits in their entirety: Sharking, Campin’, Bow-Fishin’.


Seems to me we sometimes realize far too late the true value of friends had and lost.

There is a scene in “Tombstone” where Wyatt Earp hands a smallish book over to a bed-ridden Doc Holiday, entitled:

“My Friend: Doc Holiday.”

Here is to wishing Peanut could receive same from me.

Alas, he cannot.


Jimmy ‘Peanut’ Piland was a character like none other: Possessing a smallish frame, medium blond hair always askew and asunder, Paul Newman blue eyes, a perpetual boyish ‘possum’ grin, and a wiry build replete with a hard-wired energy. Yet looks can be somewhat deceiving: he was tough as nails and feared nothing, or no one.

There was no Brahma bull he wouldn’t attempt to ride, no man he wouldn’t attempt to fight (if provoked—him usually doing the ‘provokin’—“That sonuvabitch done pissed me off…”), no tractor, truck, nor heavy machinery he wouldn’t attempt to operate, instructed or not. Good that he never had access to an airplane, for he would have, no doubt, tried to fly it.

And actually, he did fly, by and by.

He flew through life in a manner most men would never, could never, understand.

Everything about Jimmy was over the top. He embraced life with a lustful, youthful exuberance. If there were a ‘Webster’s God of Definition,’ you would find under ‘Joie de vivre’ a photo of Peanut and the definition would read simply,

“Nuff Said.”

Or maybe,

“Now Run tell that!”

From the early Seventies until the late Nineties, I called Peanut my ‘Best Friend’ even though there were many years during those years when our paths did not cross, and sometimes when they did, ‘colliding’ would be a better-served word.

I fell slave to my wanderlust and left Honey Grove for many far-off places and adventures. Peanut never once to my knowledge, left HG, save for those three summer months we lived together in La Porte Texas working together in an asphalt factory.

He was the original at ‘Home-Boy’. He loved living in Honey Grove, or in later years, at the end of about eight miles of bad Texas road, safely (for the residents) outside of the town.

Every time I found myself back in HG I felt compelled to look him up. Sometimes he was doing well, sometimes not. We had a talent (mostly thanks to him) of finding adventure in even the most mundane of circumstance.

Just the simple act of driving to Ladonia for beer one day in ’93 turned into adventure, as we had to take the back roads because, he simply said, “The laws are out for me.” We crossed many ‘Bois d’Arc’ bridges during that trip and got stuck in the mud more than once, and actually got shot at as well, well…another story…

One Saturday night in The Seventies, I was parked at Jack Self’s service station, talking to some high-school friends when we saw a cop car slowly driving past, lights flashing, and hard following,  there was Peanut in one of his ‘La Bomba’ vehicles, with another cop car bringing up the rear, lights also flashing—quite a ‘parade’.

As he slowly passed by, doing about ten miles per hour, Peanut yelled out the window to the assembled group,

“They fixin’ to hang my ass!”

Apparently he had some minors with him and some beers and…

That was classic ‘Peanut’. He did not say that with any malice, nor did he say it with any sorrow. He announced the fact just as it was: “They’re fixin’ to hang my ass…”

That was how he lived his life:

“You pay your money and you take your chances, an’ if you don’t, well then, forget you!”

Peanut could ‘talk shit’ with the skill a thespian who after years of training might bring to Hamlet, if lucky. With Peanut, luck had nothing to do with it; he was natural. There was no better ‘shit-talker’ in the world. He could reduce you to laughing jelly with one phrase or even just a goofy look.  

In our small-town world, talking shit was one of our primary forms of entertainment, and perhaps could even be considered an art. Though most would discount the art form.

Not I. Most of my best ‘shit-talking’ I have stolen from him.

Peanut could be incredibly childish at times. Once during high school, the two of us drove to Houston to attend the FTA (Future Teachers of America) convention. We were members—believe it or not—but only for the :chick opportunities”…

Since he had never been to Galveston (or Houston for that matter), I decided that I needed to show him around my once and future stomping grounds. We arrived in Galveston the night before the convention in Houston was to begin and I took him down to the beach in front of Seawall Boulevard.

Peanut had never seen the ocean (Not even The Gulf—hell—no salt water at all). It was winter-time and not much going on. We got out of my station wagon and started walking down the beach, combing. We came upon some jelly-fish washed upon the shore. Peanut pulled out a knife and proceeded to repeatedly stab the dead creatures, exclaiming as he did, “Da! Da! Da! There ya go! Now what?!”

He was greatly amused.

I wasn’t.

But then, that was ‘Peanut’.

Other times, he showed a great deal of maturity and worldly wisdom.

Some years later and after a particularly rough night of us drinking and cussing and fighting each other (And me, getting into a bona-fide fist fight with one of his kin), he said to me,

“Many-Feet, you need to get that poison outta your system. Not sure I can help you. Sometimes the old bulls, they just cain’t run in the same pasture no more…”


Indeed Peanut, they cannot.

Could not.

Would not.


Peanut perished in a car wreck on a rural FM Texas Road circa Mid-1990’s.

He Blew His Mind Out In A Car

I Guess That Was Fitting For Him:

“Live Fast; Die Young”

As Opposed to Me:

Live Slow–Grow Old

I found this out purely by accident while on the telephone with an old HS Flame/Sweetheart—She mentioned it, thinking I already knew.

(I did Not)

The news Really Fucked Me Up.

I hung up on Her and Then,

I wept like a little bitch for three days…

And I still weep today when I ponder on it.

“O, that way madness lies; let me shun that;

No more of that…”

                –King Lear

And if you have come this far….

My Friend Ronnie

Who drown in my arms on a country lake.

I could not save him. I was 13 years old; he was 20 and my Hero.


Added: 2021 (from FB)

I still Hold Peanut close to my heart.


I do pay attention to all the ‘hits’ I get on TT&H.
Lately half are from China. Guess what? I discount those.
Because, China, I know you are only trying to hack me.

“Hey China! Good luck with that!” If you actually succeed, guess what you get? Deeper in debt.

If you see me comin’, better step aside. (Fair Warning)
Peanut used to quote this to me ever’time I pissed him off (which was often):

“One fist of iron, the other of steel
If the right one don’t getcha then the left one will”

P’Nut loved this song.

Perfectly described how he lived and died his life.

I miss you Jimmy!

You asshole!

5 thoughts on “I Have Far Too Many More Jimmy-‘Peanut’ Piland Stories Left to Tell–I Will NEVER Ever Allow HIS Memory to Die. Not as long as Breath Still Resides in my Body.

  1. Coming from you I take that as a sincere compliment. Thank you. I only wish I could be half the storyteller you are blessed to be. Carry on as we all will benefit…

  2. Your stories remind me of my daddy’s stories. He was a country boy from Collin County. He played football for the Celina Bobcats. Although he was a bit before your time the stories have a lot of the same characters and situations. Funny how that happens. I’m not sure how or when your Texan Tales came to be in my email but I have lately enjoyed most of what I have read. I’m curious if you kept a journal or just recalled all the interesting details from your memory. Glad you have shared your experiences with us.

  3. I love reading your Peanut stories. To me some of your best writing in my view. May Peanuts memory always be a blessing

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