Ukraine is Falling!

What do the U.S. Do?


Absolutely Nothing.



Kiss My Ass

Lame-Ass Sanctions? Excuse Me!

“Joseph Biden, You are an idiot!”

Fuk u Sleepy Joe!

Here’s Uncle Joe; He’s A’ Movin’ Kinda

Slow At The Junction / Mal-Function

I am so pissed Off!

I Know People From Ukraine

Have supped and dined with them–shared some Laughter.. (And Wine).

4 thoughts on “Ukraine is Falling!

  1. If the crap finally overwhelms the rotational blade, perhaps Zelensky can run a government in exile from the old HG High School

  2. You ain’t the only one with friends in / from Ukraine. Well connected w diaspora in Sac. CA. Been to weddings / christenings etc. Done biz in Ukraine via UK proxy for 20+ years. That’ll dry up now.

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