What Has Happened Here? Must Have Been a Gravity Storm. No Other Plausible Explanation.

Something’s Happening Here

Buffalo Springfield – For What It’s Worth 1967

“Life is for Learnin'”

Gravity Storm — Jimmy B.

I love Jimmy Buffett.

His songs are always poignant happy / upbeat.

Often Self-Deprecating–He Laughs at Life–As Do I

He Enriches My Life

Watch Out For That Gravity Storm:

It don’t Give no Warning sign

Watch Out for That Gravity Storm!

I Was just tryin’ to make it to my bed

Took me some ninety small little Minutes

There was some collateral damage along the way. I went slightly off-course and kinda collided with my table. Boom! Crash!

I’m SS So Sorry

Cred: Phil Collins

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