I’ve Been Savin’ These Up To Build Me A Pontoon Boat & Sail Off For Destinations Unknown:


“I’m The Captain of This Vessel

Go Below;

Have a Rum.

I’ll Summon You If I Need You.”

Been There

Done This:

Jimmy Buffett – Boat Drinks

Key West–2015

“This Mornin’ I Shot Six Holes In My Freezer.

I Think I got Cabin Fever.”

“Somebody Sound The Alarm”

Cred For Vid: Kenny Palmer


“You’re Gonna Need A Bigger Boat”


But It Is My Intention to Sail Down the

Mighty Sulphur River:

Sailor Me!

Cross Over To The Red, Sail All The Way To The Gulf of Mexico, then head off for South America

Wish Me Luck.

(Sure Hope I don’t Drown)

Oh Wait! I Cannot.

That Would Be Impossible

I Have Had ‘Drown-Proofing’ Training in the NAVY SEAL/S!




Back To The Drawin’ Board I Guess


Jimmy Buffett – Gulf Shores Benefit Concert – Son of a Son of a Sailor

Cred For Shared Vid: LostParrothead

Anchors Aweigh!


Just For Fun:

Cher – If I Could Turn Back Time

(USS Missouri July 1, 1989)

And The Sailors Went Nuts.

The ‘Brass’ Did Not

But I did

I was still in the Nav Back Then

And I Always Retained My Sense Of Humor


My Hero Below!

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