Bit Of A Moldy Oldie (But Whimsical & Fun & Expanded Upon) “Green Onions”–Y’all Will Havta Scroll Down For The ‘Onions’ Sorry Kids; I Am Too Lazy To Re-Arrange The Vids

Booker T & The MG’s


And Just To Add A Little “Diversity:


John Anderson – Chicken Truck, Chicken Truck

Behind It I’m Stuck

(And More)

John Anderson live at Gilley’s TX July 4, 1982

I Dun Been ‘Round The Whurl


But I Am Still ‘Country’

And I Still Know Who I Am

Cred For Vid Share: Bill Baker


I Got Roots

And I Got Wings

RAM Trucks and Miranda Lambert Partnership:


Since no one on my ‘Farce-Book’ Page seems to appreciate this,

Thought I’d Post it for


The only ones I truly give a shit about.

Orig FaceF*ck Post:

Magical, very sexy video

Almost soft porn

Enjoy Boys

(You’re Welcome)

OK. I think I am done ‘Shitposting,’ for today.

Maybe, but unlikely.


Ed. Note: I killed and wiped my Facebook account months ago.

I ain’t General MacArthur.

“I shall NOT Return.”


This never gets old

Yeah; I’m in my second adolescence.

“Once a man and twice a child.”

Video credit: RetroTVCentral”

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