Just Thought I Should Re-Post This; Since I Seem To Have gone “Off The Rails.” Of Late. Faith–“First Do No Harm.”

Beautiful Lady
Such Class!

So Much Class!

One of These Days–Emmylou

Beauty Personified:


Specifically: Southern Religion

More specifically: Texan Religion.

I am talking Methodists, Baptists, Church of Chist(ers)—the Entire Gamut of The Faithful.

I love all of Y’all.

No secret: “Lance is an Atheist.”

(This is well-documented.)

However, I do love AND RESPECT

All Folks of Faith.

I just do not roll that way.

(Ever Since I Learned to Read)


But I love the music.

And I love the morality

(I have that too— ‘morality’—I do not need Religion to have that)

I love the culture of Faith.

I never mean to demean anyone of Faith.

My fervent wish is to never offend.

I have too much respect for Folks of Faith.

Too much respect For Fellow Texans,

most of whom are Religious.

(I was going somewhere with this post)

Probably to Hell.


Post Script:

I have read ‘The Iliad’

And ‘The Odyssey’

And All The Norsemen—Thor–in particular.

I have read ‘Beowulf’

And The ‘King James Bible.’

All Great Mythology.

All Magnificent Literature.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but I know what I’m talking about.

(“One of these days I’ll look back and I’ll say I left in time.”)

6 thoughts on “Just Thought I Should Re-Post This; Since I Seem To Have gone “Off The Rails.” Of Late. Faith–“First Do No Harm.”

  1. DFWSteve

    You can do worse than London and Tokyo

    (Trust me on this–try Baghdad)

    I have been to Japan and London

    And Baghdad
    And Mombasa
    And Cairo
    And Olongapo
    And… Well, You know…
    And Kandahar
    Har Har Har!

  2. >>You appear to be ‘well-traveled’ & wiser Than I<<
    Welp, I ain't sure about that. But I appreciate the observation. I've only lived expat in Tokyo and London. Not exactly off the grid places.

  3. DFWSteve

    Speaking of ‘Radar’ Whitley….

    You Of course know I ‘dated’ her daughter throughout most of the mid-seventies

  4. DFWSteve,

    “Oh, by the way, Emmy Lou and Gram Parsons were pure-dee “magic”

    Thank you for great comments.

    You appear to be ‘well-traveled’ & wiser Than I

    I respect that.

  5. I’m a man of faith. Thanks for respecting that. When the chain gets let out too far, the anchor takes hold. Guess that’s how I survived all my wildness around the world. From Saigon bars to Bolivian haciendas to Amsterdam coffee houses to Jakarta whore houses to being dragged out of a car in Ecudador during a firefight with Peruvian guerrillas (I was just visiting a Del Monte ag farm in Machala!).

    Beware The Iliad & The Odessey (Mrs Whitley made me read them). They have been declared unsuitable for school libraries by certain activists bent on saving us all from ourselves. I guess Homer didn’t know he would run afoul of “hate speech” and “racist” wokeism.

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