Why Not Re-Post? I Am Drunk. That’s My Excuse. What’s Yours? “Christmas in Cali, Circa Sixty-Seven.

Spoiled Beyond Redemption–Childish, Still Selfish,

But Took My First Unsteady Step Toward Becoming A Man,

A Good Man–An Aware Man–A Lesson That Has Served Me Well.

Hope You Can Tell.


Joni Mitchell – “River” | cover by Delila (TLI)

“It’s Comin’ On Christmas”

“I’m Selfish and I’m sad”

The Most Beautiful & Talented

Delila Paz

The Last Internationale:

(They Are Just The Two–But So Were Sonny & Cher–So There!)



Cred For Vid Share: mhelchi


Dateline: December 1967

Location: Fremont, California

Situation: Christmas

Subject: One Lance a. Marcom, A Child of Ten Name Days


Christmas of ’67.

I shall never forget.



Taught me an invaluable lesson About Myself and about how the World ‘works,’ (and sometimes doesn’t work)


In the weeks leading up to Christmas that year, I had two competing sets of competitive (for my love) grandparents, both were in Texas. Both had ‘money to burn.”

They chose to ‘burn it’ upon the only ‘man’ grandchild in the family:


Every single day, multiple packages would arrive at 39613 Bruning Street, Fremont, California.

A ‘modest’ dwelling which I have spilled much virtual ink on…

Mom and I (and Mike) lived there.

We had a lovely Christmas tree in our living room.

Mom and I had spent more than a few hours and days in fact, decorating it while playing Christmas music on our old worn out record player.

Happy times.

Then the packages rolled in.
Every day!

All addressed to ME!

So many wrapped gifts—only for me!

So many, in fact, that we had to erect a second tree in my bedroom to ‘fit’ all MY presents underneath.

I was very excited—could not sleep on Christmas eve.

I suppose eventually I did (fall asleep)

Christmas Morning!


My Anticipation!

Would Now finally Be Sated!


Took  me no less than an hour to open all my myriad presents

Gilded Age!

Spoiled Child!

First I filled the bed.

Ran out of room.

Filled the top of my dresser.

Ran out of room.

Filled my little desk.

Ran out of room.

Piled some on my chair.

Ran out of room.

Put the rest on the floor.

Finally Finished!

I surveyed the room with all the wonderful toys.

Some stark realization hit me:

All these ‘things’ did not make me ‘happy’

Rather the opposite.

I took my arm and swept all the gifts from my bed.

Threw myself down, face-down upon my bed and wept. Buried my face deep into my pillow Wept some more.


Mom came rushing in.

“What’s wrong Son?” She asked.

“I have too many presents!” I cried.

Wrong Answer Sailor!

The next Christmas I got next to normal nothing.

That was when I first learned to keep my thoughts and ‘sorrows’ to myself.


Bonus Material:

Joni Mitchell


Credit For Video (Share?): sherrylynn70 aka Sentimental Journey Productions


Author’s Footnote:

I would love to be able to say I asked My Mother to Donate most of my Christmas Gifts to Charity. But That Would Be A Lie.

So I won’t Say It.

Merry Christmas Y’all!



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  1. When sleep eludes me I always find a good story here. Enjoyed the antics and innocence of the boy and his “gang.” Simpler times. On this day 1966 my youngest sibling came into this world. My dad picked my brother up from school and with anticipation in his voice he asked “Daddy did we get a boy?” ” No son I’m sorry. It was another girl.” His little head dropped and through tears he said” well daddy I guess we’ll just have to go to the woods”. Four girls and one boy. Everyone always said poor Jeff but he had it pretty darn good!! Please keep sharing. Balm to my soul.

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