Welcome to My Pity Party. Pull Up a Chair. The Bar is Open (and free) Post Only For Ela, (Elizabeth) The Sexy Goddess: Last and Last and Last Wife I Will Ever Be Blessed To Have

Throwing away perfectly fine, Good Women Is My Primary Profession.
Second is Regret and Self-Pity
(Those come as kind of a ‘set’)
Third is….
I have not figured out yet..
I’ll get back to you.

Our marriage lived and died over these two songs attached.

I do miss her.

Marvelous much.

And I hope she sees this post.

Yet, then again,

I hope she does not.

Not Her below, but pretty Goddamn Close.

“I haven’t stopped lovin’ you yet.”

Coast of Marseilles – Jimmy Buffett

“How good it’d be to feel that way again.”

Vid Cred: Parrothead Poet

Ten or fifteen years living in dangerous desolate foreign places will turn anyone into a hopeless romantic.

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