Time: Finite Resource. One Last Re-Spam / Shit Post:–“Honesty”–Then I Think I’m Done. Maybe. “Time Doth Make Cowards of us All”

The Chambers Brothers –

Time Has Come Today :


Billy Joel: “Honesty”

“I won’t ask for nothin’ while I’m gone”

I love my life, but I see it coming to a close soon.

(I ain’t no spring chicken)

I have lived a FULL LIFE. I have been around the Whurl (and the World)



I AM so Very HAPPY Now. I have made PEACE with me.

Now I just write.

I love that.

I am a worthy Man. If you ever choose to interact with me, please just be honest. I have not the time, nor patience, nor desire for bullshit. I have seen/heard it all before.

 I am a simple man: Simple wants. Simple Desires. Simple Dreams.  

In short: I am Simple-Minded.

Now go away.

Unless you have something relevant/honest to say.

I will always listen.

But don’t waste my time.

If you waste my finite time, I will never forgive you.


But comment anyway–I’ll sort it out

Do Not Be Afraid

I’ll Go Easy on you.


You Piss me Off


This ain’t the song I wanted, but I suppose it kinda ‘fits’ into my Narrative.

Fuk it!

Pink Floyd–Duh!

Comments are magical