Biden Family Values: AKA “Laptop From Hell”

I am having way too much FUN With This.

“The ‘Ghost Handshake'”

It is Probably a Sin.

Oh well.

I am already going to hell anyway–Got me a First-Class Ticket an’ Ever’Thang

(I will ALWAYS Respect The Office; I Just Do Not Respect The Current Occupant/Sycophant)

Laptop Fun Follies:

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4 thoughts on “Biden Family Values: AKA “Laptop From Hell”

  1. cheriewhite

    I honestly can’t see him finishing out his term
    He is already too far gone
    He doesn’t even know where he is half the time.

  2. Joe Biden is such a joke! I love it when he says, “C’mon, man!” Sounds just like a teenager when he says that! Gives me something to poke fun of! 🤣😂😜

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