I Bore Me. “Someone Recently ‘Liked’ this. So, Guess What? Fun Post. Please Look at It.”

Fuk it!

I like this post.

And I have recently discovered a way to repost old shit.

Good for me.

Bad for you.

Only accosted me 300 quid.

Thank you WP!

“This mornin…’

I shot six holes in my freezer.

I think I got cabin fever.

Somebody sound the alarm.

This Song Makes Me Up-Beat & Happy

Street Cred For Vid Share: Dennello : Northern Minnesota Creations


By way of an update: Goodness Gracious!

Not sure what got into my head last night while penning this post, but please let me assure you and endeavor to clarify: It was all in good fun. Some of the comments I received made me feel as if my sentiments were not properly taken in the spirit they were (so carefully?) thought out and given:

My fault of course due to my lack of communication skills. My point here is simply this: I do not judge folks and in fact, I do love all of humanity. I have always been pro-Every-Thing–just as long as your ‘ever’ thang’ don’t impose on my ever’ thang’. Or instill in me a desire to smack you with a dead fish.

I am pro-choice, pro-gay marriage, pro-black, pro-white, pro-red, pro-yellow, pro-brown, pro-albino, pro-short, pro-tall, pro-rich, (good for y’all), pro-North, pro-South, pro-poor, pro-homeless, pro-McMansion-ite, pro-freedom, pro-hippy, pro-military, pro-redneck, pro-freedom, pro-Texan, pro-Human.

Pretty much, as a species, I like us. (The occasional mass wars and genocide “notewithstanding”

‘Live and let live’ That has always been me.

See, there I go again. Tripping over my…. Well, I do hope y’all understand. (Now I feel somewhat better. Hope it lasts.)


Searching for something poignant to blog, blather about.


My Muse is having a coffee…

Damn Muses! Caint trust ‘em. Caint fuck ’em. Caint shoot ‘em.

Caint kill ’em.


Pondering my life of last:

I swerved unto an idea:

“Post some more show tunes, Schmuck!”

Why not?

Okay. Here is mine for today


I am not gay

Yet, I can do some ‘gay’ things. I have done what some would consider gay things. I have exhibited what some in my close circle would perceive as ‘gayness’.

Mostly having to do with my fondness of Musicals.

Yep. I said it: Musicals.

Rodgers and Hammerstein.

Love them all.

Your Humble Servant: Capt. Von Trapp, circa, 1975

Lance as Capt. Von Trapp,  1974

Also love Bob Fosse.

Was he gay? Probably not.

Point is:

I am not gay, not saying I harbor any animosity to the LGBT community; it is just that by watching and loving ‘Gay Things” I don’ wanna be lumped in with you.

But I do admire your courage.

Sincerely, I do.

You… rock on!

Power to ya!

Just leave me out.

My axes are my axes and for me, bigger to grind.



P.S. I am putting my Texan Citizenship on the line here…

But, I stand by me: I love humanity. All shapes, sizes, sexual preferences. All of us we call ‘human’.

We have thumbs, don’t we?

Let’s use them.

“Y’all: just sweeze on-shan-tay”

(Je parle français très bien, n’est-ce pas?)


Post Post Script:

Joel Grey!

I do think the Oscars were invented for him.


About Last Night:

Don’t EVER Lose Your Sense of Humor!

“About Last Night”

Loosely based Upon David Mamet’s

“Sexual Perversity in Chicago”

Greatest ‘Fuk Story’ Ever Told:

2 thoughts on “I Bore Me. “Someone Recently ‘Liked’ this. So, Guess What? Fun Post. Please Look at It.”

  1. DFWSteve

    Pretty certain I have already told you this (Alzheimer’s is a Bitch)

    When I was at SFM–Sinai Field Mission–
    A Travelling Troop American / Jewish Troubadours performed for us at SFM, (They were ‘on tour’)
    “Sexual Perversity in Chicago”
    (Yes, We Had a ‘Proper’ Stage at SFM)

    Wonderful Night–I invited most of the cast to my Hooch–We All Got hopelessly drunk and stoned together.

    Magical Night–We All Had fun and Great Camaraderie.

  2. David Mamet, now THERE is a playwright. House of Games. The one about the great Phil Spector (Back to Mono, he says). Meanwhile, I did NOT shoot six holes in my freezer. That Desert Eagle .50 AE ammo is too expensive. One shot will have to do.

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