I Have No words, Nor Excuses For This Post. “Calgon, Take Me Away!”

I’ve already lost myself,

In Myself

But not in “luxury”

Street Cred Share for Vid: blocqut

Artist: Jerry Samuels (billed as Napoleon XIV)

Sorry This is Almost Impossible To Read, But I Love It So Much—

I Cannot ‘edit’ it out

Since I Have Driven Thru Gaza Too Many Times–

Testing Providence

Always Testing ‘Providence’


Street Share Cred: ‘SoZ Satire incorporating The Whitechapel Whelk.’



For ALL The Girls I’ve Loved Before:

“We’ve gotta get outta this place.”

(How many times and places have I said this to each all of them?)

We’ve gotta get outta this place–The Animals


For some of y’all out there who may have wondered where the hell I’ve been lately…

Well, I have been endeavoring with gusto and, actually, extreme prejudice, to ‘reinvent’ me. You see, I want to be a ‘happier, gentler, kinder’ kind of blogger. I no longer want to post rants, though I do love to RANT.


Below please find some Rant Links from My Past. I believe they are representative:

Anyhow, the frontal lobotomy and the Prozac, and the small furry kitten to pet, and the re-education classes (particularly loved Those!), have all done wonders for my mental frame-of-reference. Oh! And to whomever sent me that ‘Care-Package’ of Calgon-Bath-Oil-Beads… Gee thanks.

They took me away. But too late, for ‘They’ had already taken me away… Nice try. I loved the sentiment anyhow.

If you happened to read my last post, you will have discovered that I have taken on some menial labor. Now: This is no disrespect to those who perform such. Au contraire! It is just a fact. And I did mention with accolades, how very much I enjoy it (menial labor).

The thing is, is, I am just in a slump—between gigs—gigs that


Lance Looks in the Mirror

this, this 24 hour news cycle which always gets it wrong. (Yes: CNN, Fox, American BBC, American Al Jazeera: I am talking about you—and all the other ‘News Networks.’ Ad nauseam.)

I belong in War Zones; that is the only kind of Gainful Employment Venue I am well-suited for.

More to come…



Just to prove I am still a Cock-Eyed Optimist:
Ain’t nothin’ but good times ahead Y’all
(Just kidding)

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