This Post is for Jim Rezba–Days/Months/Years/ Tears & Beers Lots Of Jeers–Time Spent Together In Basra, Iraq–

Money Means Nothing To Me–

I’ve Been Rich and I’ve been Poor–

I Was Happiest When I Was Poor.

Smoke That Revelation.

I May Elaborate Later, or Not–

Most Likely Not–

Fore I am Worthless and Lazy.

And Just A Little Bit Crazy


I Have Found Me a Home – Jimmy Buffett

The Days Drift By…

They Don’t Have Names

Street Cred For Vid: Parrothead Poet

I Have seen too much shit

Behind his back and often to his face we called Him ‘Jumbo’– He had an overweight problem, but he took it all in stride–he had a beautiful wife and two beautiful daughters… He did not care–he was good-of nature–

A Great, somewhat humble man–

He never knew how he sustained us.

I once tried to tell him–he just laughed at me

I Loved the People Of Iraq

Baghdad Bob!

Cred For Share: AP Archive

I posted already…. But WordPress–Never mind.

I’ll try to re-Create it when I am sober

Narrow window there.

Fuk Me! World!

Press Bears NO ‘Symphony‘ For Music

No Honesty

No Honesty

No Honesty

“All I want.. Is someone to believe”

In Honesty

Street Cred: Billy Joel

Duh to The Fukkin’ Duh!

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