Comments Are Magic-in-a-Bottle–Moonlight in a Martini–Comment Away–Make Some–Ones’ Day–

I am not Fond of ‘Drive-By ”Likers’

You Known Know The Type–They ‘Like’ Everything—Without Even Reading—-If I ‘like’ Your Post, I will tell you why–But that is just me… If I don’t like your post I politely keep my mouth shut–and move on.

Feedback! Writers Live (and die) For Feedback

This is how we live–Is How we live.


Not for me to insult you–

You were Just trying to say something–



I ‘Write’ Mostly For Me–

But.. But… Feedback–

That is the Magic

Which Sustains & Compels Me To ‘Sailor’ on.

And Write Some More

Comment Away--Make Some-Ones' Day

Being fatigued”

I have re-read (not that much fatigued)

Some of my recent comments.

Discovered this:

“Comments are our life-blood”


I live for comments.

I love comments (and comets)

There is no real point to this post.

Save this:

If you like/don’t like a post, leave a little something of yourself behind, by way of a comment.

Even if just to say, “Hey! This sucks!” or “Hey! This rocks!” or “Hey! Don’t quit your day job!”

Out now…

Here is my musing, put to music:

Comment Me!

And a related post:

“Comment Me”

“And whoever said I did not embrace The Eighties Music?”

Debbie–Debbie Harry!

They lie!

Comments are magical