I Was ‘Goin’ Somewhere With This / Original Post, But Word-Press Shat It Down Into The Rabbit Hole–Never to be Seen Again! Fuk Me! And Fu8K You Word-Press—My Original Post… Oh.. Never-Mind….

Time is all I Have I Have Left in This World–And You Robbed Some of it From Me Today–But Word To Some Wise: Pay-Backs Are Mother-Fukkers–I’ll Get You Back—–Wait–Revenge is A Sweeter Dish Best-Up Cold–

Too Drunk To Kill ’em Too Drunk To Give A Fuck! Too Drunk To Give a Shit .Too Drunk enuff to Love ’em (This Post is All Fukked Up–TY Word-De-Press’d!–Assholes!)

Too Drunk To Fu*K! I LOVE This Vid

Makes Me Howl With Laughter!

Been There–Done This!

It was all about ‘modern’ Media–It was Brilliant! Now it’s Gone ONE! Never To Be Seen Again. My orig Post… Was All About Modern Media…

“Oh Mister Rabbit—Wait” She is So Polite!

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