I Absolutely Positively & Most Definitely Respectfully & Admire & Adore… This Woman–

And All Women Who Serve…

Without Any Doubt!

More To Come Later On Her Subject–

Stand By For Heavy Rolls As This Ship Comes About–


Yes! I Have Been To Pearl Harbor–More Than Twice.

Always Paid My Respects–

My Sailor-Hat For Shit-Sure Pressed Tightly Against My Breast

As I Silently Wept For Our Fallen Heroes

And Always Said An Atheist Prayer

(Just In Case There Is A God)

And Screw You Japan

As A U.S. Navy Veteran Sailor…

I Will NEVER Forget

Your Cowardly Treachery

She is Out-Of-Office Right,

But She Will ALWAYS Have My Vote.

Even If She is not on the Ballot And I Have To Write Her In

And Even if I Move To Move To Hawaii Baby

Been There–Done That:


I Am Just Priming The Pump–Just Getting Warmed Up.



Tulsi Gabbard!


Tulsi Gabbard rips Kamala Harris’ Record on Criminal Prosecutions:

“Be Still My Beating Heart!”

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