“Naked Writing” I Re-Post This Justin-Case Y’all Were Confused By The “Second Thoughts” Post Posted Immediately Below

I Wanna Be A Paperback/Quarterback Writer

Alas: I Do Not Have The Talent

I am a lazy “writer

Really don’t write at all.

Not really even a “writer.”

All I do is steal, confiscate, appropriate.

Take stuff I search out, download, and drop.


And too much pasta makes one fat.

And lazy.      


I have become more of a construction worker than a writer.

I build posts, using all the technology the Internet affords me.

Pretty sure I am good at it.


This does not make me a writer.

My fervent desire (believe it or not) has always been to write.

To write well.

How did The Greats do it?

Grinding out page after page using only an oil lamp, quill and inkpot—rarely sleeping—rarely even achieving recognition until dead for years, decades, centuries, epochs?


They were writers.

That’s how.

No bullshit distractions, save for the burning hunger in their guts. In their souls, in their minds. In their hearts.

Do not hold my feet too close to the fire on this,


From now on (unless something really catches me), I will no longer be wasting your time with images, videos, memes, gifs, gifts, et cetera.

Just naked writing.

Stand on its own writing.

I want to get naked and write. Cast aside all the crutches. All the crap. All my arrogant pretense. All of it. If this means unplugging my computer and moving back to the desert, good. ‘Grate’. Fantastic. I love deserts, especially deserts in Middle Eastern war zones…

Just write.

Not steal.

Not distract you with puff and fluff.

I have it in me to write.

And only to write.

And write well.

Wish me luck.


Author’s Footnote:

And do not think I have come to this decision lightly, nor without some ponder.

Been bouncing about in my head for some time now.

Will be terrible diff for me to stop ‘building’ multi-media posts.

I love it so much.

And even more, I love sharing.


I have to make an effort to become the ‘writer’ I want to be.

Comments are magical