Lance: Cerifi-Capable-Fie-Able Azz-HoleI Have Been To The Nam-But Not in War-Time. Thank God! (If There Is Such A Being–I Choose To hold My Cards Close to my Chest)


I SHALL Endeavor To Do Better

“Lance. You’re An Azz-Hole!”

It Ain’t Entirely All MY Fault:

My Internet Is All Fu*ked Up!

“Welcome to the Internet”–

Fuk U!

I’ve Been Here for Years!

I Was the Orig Idiot

“Early Adopter”

Or is That “Adapter?

Just One More Dead Fish Goin’ With The Flow


Who The Fuk Cares At This Point?

Cred: Welcome to the Internet – Bo Burnham

Lance is an Asshole–This is NOT New News!


*Heavy Sigh*

P.S. I’ll Plug-In the Creds Later–Maybe…

Maybe Not


I am Dangerously Low On Cope-En Hagen & Give-A-Shit

Low On Hope For My Future

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