Once-Upon-A-Time… (In My West/East/South/North Relations Mind–Things Always Seemed To Go Awry) My Life Never Lived Up to My ‘Expectations’ Never Any Relief From My Myriad Transgressions…

Once Upon A time…

Could ‘Have Had’ Any Girl I Fancied

And Too Often I Did–Much To Their Chagrin–When I Left Them–

Looking For Greener Pastures


I was considered By The Ladies To Be ‘Handsome’-

Yet Good Looks Are NO Substitute For ‘Personality–

I Did Not Possess One Worth Mentioning…

(Probably Still Don’t)

Isn’t THAT Funny?

Now, Naw–Not So Much

Becuz Life & Hard/Careless/Lackadaisical -Livin’

Stepped Into My Path

Thus Blocking My Forward Progress


Yet, I Harbor No Regrets

I Have Lived My Life as I Have Seen Fit

And This Roller-Coaster Ride Has Been Worth The Price of the Ticket,

“A Bargain at any Price”

And Now I Mostly Resemble Tom Hanks From ‘Castaway

Just Tryin’ To Save Wilson–

And Myself

I Have Failed A Lot of ‘Wilsons’ In My Life–

Sorry to Say


C’est Moi In My Modern Era:


I Used to Love This Song

“Twenty-Four And There’s So Much More…”

“Old Man, Take A Look At Your Life”

(Yeah, I ‘slightly’ changed the lyric–to suit my purpose)

Fuk Do You Think I’m Doin’ Now Neil?


That Worm

Has Turned

On Me

And I Hate it

Roles Reversed!

But At Least I still Have All of My Teeth,


Save For The One That Was Lost in a Bar-fight

In Subic Bay, Ologapo City, Philippines

c. 1987

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