G’Damn Me! I Messed Up–This Time–Large-Time–“Rhonda: Chapter Two and a Half” I Need to Sleep–I am on the Verge of a Crying Self-Pity Jag. I Do NOT Love This Propensity I Sometimes Exhibit.

“Cross Purposes”

“Frankly My Dear, I No Longer Give A Damn”

Fun Trivia Fact:

GWTW Was Almost Banned

Because of the Word


(First Time ‘Profanity’ Had Ever been heard In Film)

Can You Imagine?

Watching Today’s Movies–Ponder On That

One night after some passionate love- making, I rolled over, looked at Rhonda and said,

“I think I’m falling in love with you.”

She rolled over and said,


How could this White – Trash Okie Woman possess such much subtle knowledge and inject it into my mind?

Of course, I fell even more madly in love with her after that.

Klymaxx – I Miss You: 

I miss her.

I miss her smile.

And her Laughter

And her body

And of Course I married her

In Vegas!

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