No-One Need Read This–Part of My Misspent Youth: Missed Wife–Wanna Attend My Pity-Party? Free Booze! Rhonda Chapter… Uh… I Forget

While working as a calibration technician at “Spam” Instruments,

One day this broad shows up as a ‘co-worker.’

Let’s call her name ‘Rhonda.’  For that was her Christian Name.

We were working in tight quarters in a smallish factory room.

Me calibrating my ass off.

She assembling gauges her ass off.

We almost fell in love.



We were both married.

To not us

Yet that beat went on.

For a year.

Of course there was always this between us:


Street Cred for Vid: scrubinc


To be continued…

Of course I loved her.

I eventually married her.



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