Self-Critique. I Have Noticed, Of Late, A Pattern Developing–A Disturbing One

When I Re-Post An Old Post, I Always Begin By Saying,

“This Is A ‘Re-Post’”

Christ-On-A Cracker Lance!

Is THIS Necessary?

Survey Says

“NO To The Hell NO!”

I mean if you’ve seen it, you already know.

If you have not seen it.


It is Brand-New to you


I Am Gonna Change My Ways. This is My Promise. Hold Me To It—Call Me Out If I Waiver. I have already fallen off-that other-wagon.

I am bruised, but still not broken

Still Alive and I’ll Survive

Bloggin’ Bloggin’ Bloggin’


Yeah. That’s A Young Clint Eastwood

Good Eye If You Noticed.

If Not, I’ll Think About Forgiving You.


Don’t Try To Understand Him

Just Tie & Rope & Brand Him


Good Luck With That Effort!

Catch Y’alls Later From The Bottom Of My Rabbit Hole

(Please Drop Down Some Booze From Time to Time)

Thanking Y’all In Advance

And Please, No ‘Top-Shelf Liquor.

Don’t Waste Your Money.

Mid-Shelf Will Suffice.

Thank You

3 thoughts on “Self-Critique. I Have Noticed, Of Late, A Pattern Developing–A Disturbing One

  1. DFWSteve ,

    The Peanut & The Gene And I Used to Consume Voluminous quantities of PBR’s
    Cheap drunk
    We did not care

  2. DFWSteve

    How Do I love You and your visits & Comments?
    Let me count the ways…


    Thank You for being a friend
    My Good Friend.

  3. Pabst Blue Ribbon and Lone Star will do just fine. Been drinking both since 1974. Way before the hipsters discovered it.
    And no “light” beer.

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