Richard’s Lame-Ass Jeans Chapter Three: Highway Patrol Encounter on My Way To The Scene of the Crime

Junior Brown

“Highway Patrol” ‌‌

– Bohemia Afterdark

Cred For Vid: BVMTVOutlawCountry

Next day, Fourth of July, I borrowed Madelyn’s little ‘Chariot’.

(My ‘Labomba’ was broken down as usual.)

Had taken a can of charcoal lighter fluid from the garage. I did not smoke (cigarettes) back then, so Madelyn had given me her Zippo.

I hit the road to Bonham. It was around two in the afternoon.

As I got about half-way there, I passed a Texas Highway Patrol heading in my opposite direction.

Always paranoid, I watched him in my rear-view mirror.

Sure as shit he turned around and pursued me, lights flashing.

“Dammit to Hell!” I thought to myself. “How does he know what I am up to?”

I pulled off the road and waited for him.

“Son, do you know why I pulled you over?” he enquired.

“No officer, I do not,” I said nervously. Pretty sure I looked guilty for something / everything.

“Your state inspection sticker has expired.”

“Oh. I will take care of that tomorrow Officer.”

“Make sure that you do.”

Then he wrote me a ticket.

I waited for him to pull away, and then I proceeded on with my ‘Mission.’

To Be Continued…


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