Someday–One Day–I Will Properly Write This Right & Right This GD Ship: A Story of Attempted Suicide and of a Woman (Of Course)

My Father Had An Entire Wall Of Displayed pistols on the wall of his ‘Study’–

All Loaded of Course.

One day I selected a .45 cal–Cocked it-

Stuck the barrel into my mouth, finger in the hair trigger...

Need I Go On?


Didn’t Think so

After all, I am still here

Needless to say, I did Not Pull the trigger–

Guess I lost my nerve

It only Hurts for a Second So They Say–And Who Are ‘They’ Anyway & How Do “They” Know? And How Can “They” Tell Us?

Via Ouija Board?

Don’t Think So.

Guess I’ll Have To Find Out For Myself.


“The Game of Life is Hard to Play: I’m gonna lose it Anyway.”

If’n You want to hear, Let me know. And I will write it

Just Kiddin’



Why Was Lance Contemplating Suicide? You Ask.

Because of This Girl:


You Thought I Was Gonna Doxx The Real Her!

Wrong Thought Marine

It Was Over This One

Pictured Below


As If!

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