I Have Forever Been A Klutz–Perpetually So—Colliding With Stuff. (In My Little ‘Mouse-House’) And, NO! I Ain’t As Smart As I Think I Are.

The Smartest One In The Room:

Credit: ‘Broadcast News’—Holly Hunter


But Now, As I Age,

It Seems My Navigation Skills Are Rapidly Deteriorating.


It Seems To Be Happening More And More.



Thank Goodness I Have A Hard Head

Klutz or Not, I DId Play Texas ‘School-Boy Football–


“Friday Night Lights”

I was a Linebacker

And I was Damn Good at it!


I cannot seem walk Across My Little Apartment Room Without Running Into At Least Two Or Three

“Immovable Objects

Mostly When I’m Sober–Not So Much when I’m Drunk–

I Just ‘Glide’ When Drunk.

Explain That!

Unless I Have Come To the Point Of Havin’ Double Vision

Then All Bets Are Off And I Run into

Every Thing


And I Am Finding It Harder & Harder To Focus–


Credit: Foreigner 



20/20 Vision: People Running Into Things:


Credit: What The Family?!



I Am Sixty-Four–Rapidly Approaching Sixty-Five

Wish Me Luck At Discovering Seventy-Five

Credit: The Beatles

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