This is Just Too Good: If You Love Shakespeare, As Do I, That Is. If Not, Fry Your Mind Exploring Dostoevsky. And Good Luck In That Endeavor. (Helpful Hint: Vodka is Requisite)

This too (not so much about women)

Not my painful, plainful verbiage,

but …


What a modern science actor!

(And a really swell guy)

“Lance, there you go again…”

“Sorry! On with the show!”

“Oh for a muse…of fire!”


I love Shakespeare. I love words. I love the simple fact that the only good advice my father once gave to me were the words out of his mouth:

“Son, words have meaning and their coinage, spend them well…”

Now… I am not that too heady.

In fact, I am simple.

Yet I do still love the coinage of a good phrase.

Indeed I do.

Therefore, I leave you this:

As all good Bloggers do, I desire a Stage! My Kingdom for a Stage!

Read… and… well…stay tuned.

And Kenneth Branagh At his Best

(Uh Oh! King Harry is pissed off!)

And Even Better

(and here, find the subtle wrath: you don’t wanna be these guys)

And Even More Better: “Once More Unto The Breach!”

And You Gotta Love This Guy: “In Thunder and in Earthquake”

 In my opinion this is Branagh’s finest movie

Henry The Fifth

“We Few”

“We Happy Few”

“We Band of Brothers”

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