I LOVE This Canadian Broad!–The Brilliance & Sagacious-Ness & Just Pure D Funniness That is Julie Nolke! I love her more than CASH Money!

I have Not the words to Quantify Nor Describe How Much Value This Wonderfully Talented, Brilliant Woman has added to My Life.


And she is Canadian!

NOT Texican!

Go Figger!

I LOVE Her in spite of All That That!



Must Must Must Watch if Nothing Else!

Fucking Brilliance in a Box

Pandora’s Box!


You will have to ‘rewind’ this one because YouBoob is fucking stupid.


I cannot fix it.

And the file is 355 fucking megabytes to download.

Fuck Fuck Fuck!



Julie Nolke began her career as a YouTuber in 2011. She joined the video-sharing site on October 3 while she was still a university student. She began posting comedy videos on the channel which slowly began attracting more and more views over time.

She currently posts movie sketches and recipe tutorials and writes her script. Her videos have been viewed for more than 37 million times and her channel currently has more than 450 thousand subscribers. The number seems to be growing day by day as her videos are very funny and entertaining a lot of people all over the world.

Source:  Wiki Bio Worth

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