I Tried To Tone ‘Drown’ This Title A Mite. Ever Try To Tone Down A Mite? Damn Slippery Bastards, Them Mites–Exercise in Futility–A Thousand Apologies To Anyone I Offended. I Just MISS My Sis.



“Fuck Everything I do Not Give a shit!

Read if you have want. Yeah! I am bitter! Madelyn! Godamn Her! She Died On Me! She Was Always So Popular!

The Phone Rang Off The Wall! The Call Was Always For her!

(No-One EVER Called Me)

Never For Me! “Lance is an asshole! Talk to Madelyn—She is Nice”—


She was Not Nice To Anyone But Me.

In Her Heart. We Knew and Understood “The Game”

But We Never Verbalized it;

We Did Not Have To”

I miss her so much

I cannot write anymore on this right now.

I’ll get back to it.

My heart is still broken.

Some may ponder



I Love her so much

Here is the reason

For All Seasons

She Always Stood By Me

Through thick and Thin

She was My Athena,




From the World

(Even When I was in Iraq)

She was always there for me

Constant as the Northern Star

Change the name from ‘Richard’ to ‘Madelyn’

Then You May Catch My Drift:

Fuck it!

This was The Joni I wished to share!

So There!

Constantly in the darkness?

Where’s that at?

If you want me, I’ll be in the bar.:

Joni is such a complicated / fascinating brilliant woman,

as was my Madelyn, my sister

My much loved and missed sis

Goddamn I Miss her!


Lance & His B’Loved Sis:

I truly wish I had more pics, but I don’t–my misfortune, not yours.

The Untimely Loss of her… fuck it!

I have said it all before.

But I am sad.

I cannot put it more succinctly than this:

I Miss Her!


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