Why Did Not This Post Get More Love? I Honestly Poured My Heart & Soul Into it—No Shit!–

“Updated and Re-Worked.

All The Reasons Why

(Why I love Women)

Country Women.

I Just Want Eighteen Wheels,

But I’ll Settle for Seven in Heaven.

Just as Long as Kathleen Alice Mattea Is Somewhere Up There.


Kathy is Way Below.

You’ll Have To Drill Down

(Ain’t No Free Rides In This Rodeo)


“All The Reasons Why”

Paulette Carlson.

I actually have her autograph.

(On My Black Stetson Cowboy Hat)

Saw her perform at some wanna-be ‘faux’ Honky Tonk in San Dog, back in the Later Eighties….)

“Whiskey If You Were A Woman”


Mary Chapin: A Wonderful talent.

This is the saddest song in the Her-Story of Song:

Wrong Song

Try This

“What I Didn’t Say”

Just fer fun:

(And for my heart which is with the folks in Louisiana)

Callin’ Baton Rouge

New Grass Revival Version

Oh, and by the fu*king way…

“Samantha” is Favorite Name for the Daughter I will Never Have.

Just sayin’…

Heavy Sigh


Saw her too. (San Dog–Got the T-Shirt and her autograph)

Kathy is classy.

She interacted with her audience.

She has respect and treats everyone with same.

A great lady.

So charming.

So real.

So ‘down-to-Earth.’

I admire her.

A lot

She ‘personiflies’ everything that is ‘right’ with my B’love’d America

Such class. In my next life I want her.

Screw that.

I want her in my now life.

My right now life.

Right Fukkin’ Meow!

Kathleen Alice Mattea!

Ya know

I love her!


She is poetry in motion.

So good! So great. So perfect.

So fu*king good!

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