I Am So Sorry–“Sorry For What? Sorry For Being An Asshole?”


Sorry For All Things I’ve Done & All The Things I’ve Left Un-Done–

Words I Should’ve Said–

Words I Should Have Left Un-Said–

“Abusive Lovely Muse–Chapter Two”

Keep Your Mouth Shut!


Cred: John Denver–No Shit!


I sat down and starting writing.

Muse was over my shoulder, massaging my hurting neck.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“My Job, Musing.”

“Knock it off! I am trying to work here.”

“Jesus! Relax.”

“Why don’t you sit down? I don’t need a spider looking over my shoulder.”

She looked a bit hurt and started to pout.

She parked her lovely self on my nasty couch. And glared at me.

I went back to my keyboard.

“Uh, Musey, What should I write?” I finally asked.

“You’re the fucking Genius; figure it out.”

“No! I do need and love you.”

“Write what is ON-YOUR-MIND.”

“My Erstwhile Girlfriend is on MY MIND.”

“Well, write that then.”

“Okay, I will. How should I begin?’

“A long apology letter might be a good start. And if YOU EVER CALL ME ‘MUSEY’ Again, I Shall Castrate You”


“Alright; I will start with that. Musey–Then I Ran Away–Not Un-like A Scalded Rabbit.

“Now we are getting somewhere.”

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