The Abusive Muse: Wake-Up Call.

A Wake-Up Call


“Wake the Fuck UP!”

“Who ARE you?”

“Your Muse.”

“Oh, I FORGOT. I Mistakenly Took You for a ‘Nice Female’–Guess I Was Miss-Informed. I Thought You That Delirium Tremens Monster.”

“No. He will be around later. Right now you have me.”

“Okay. Something on your mind?”

“Yes. You need to get up and write.”

“I am sleepy.”

“Time enough to sleep when you’re dead.”

“Really? We gonna go there?”

“Get your ass up; plant your ass on that chair. Hit the keyboard. Write!”

“Don’t wanna.”

“’Want’ has nothing, and everything to do with this.”


To Be Continued….

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