Very Early Christmas Musings: “Fuk Me! I Am / Have Been, Blessed by An Angel–A For Real Christmas Story–Just Happened, Moments Ago… There are still Good People in This World. Sadly, I am not one of Them.”

Joni is so F^#king Charming

I love her!


Joni is an American/Canadian Patriot—Wanna argue This Point? I am All Fricken Ears

Please see ‘other’ posts for credit…


I Cannot Find This Lovely Lady’s Name to give Her Proper Creds–

Someone Please Help Me Out–

It is Important to me to give proper credit

I actually ‘talked’ to her on the Internet some years and beers ago—

She was doing a Pod-Cast

She was so charming and graceful to me—


Who could’a knew?

A Very Pleasant Surprise

I’ll Always Adore Her




I Found Her Name:

Delila Paz


I was sittin’ in front of my comp, wallowing in my own self-pity.

Yet one more Christmas spent all alone in some shit-hole.

Listening to Crit Drinker, pontificating over the recent state / demise of the MCU

There was a knock upon my door.

I grabbed my Glock

Went to the door

Who did I discover standing there?


Bearing gifts!

Fuck me!

(I put my pistol away)

I was visited by an angel

I grasped and held her tight and tole her how much I did lover her, then I asked her: Why are you so good to me?

She simply said,

“Because you served our country”

How does she know this? I don’t talk to no one; I don’t make a habit of wearing my service on my sleeve, not here anyway, only on my Blog Page….

How does she know?


I went back inside

And wept.

I wept tears of Joy

Tears of Joy.

This is a true story

I have the Receipts:

I Never Take Good People For granted

She looked at some game she had put into the box, said, Not sure if you like silly games, but my kids like this one, Hope you do too

All I could do to keep from crying

Out loud!

Why? Why? Why??

Why did she do this?

For Me???

I am NOT Worthy of This!!!

This UnSolicited Kindness!

Merry Christmas!

Author’s Note:

The “Order” of this is slightly skew’d–I wro’t it in a hurry-slurry right after the event. I am still in shock

May God ALWAYS Bless Latrish

She is SUCH Good People

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