Left-Over Food. Left-Over Dreams. Fell Apart At The Seams. White Trash King!

That’s Just Me


Lance A. ‘Bubba’ Marcom

The Man

The Myth

The Legend


Pure-D White Trash

Lance-A-Lot O’Trash:

Charter Member In Good Standing Of The


“National Association For The Advancement Of White Trash”

Just A Big Kid Havin’ Fun.

Don’t Take It Personal Y’all


“White Trash” – Tom MacDonald & Madchild

“Happy And Broke”


My Fridge:

Left On my Bed. Instead. No worries. I can sleep around it.

I’ve got enough left-over food (some weeks gone-by of age-Waste not. Want not!) in my fridge to ‘Feed Cox’s Army’

‘Feed Cox’s Army…’ An expression Janet (An EX) used to hurl at me upon often occasion.

Anyway… I got NO Room! No ROOM! For my Beer! But I don’t care!

I am sorta European in this regard.
I LOVE Warm Beer!

Yes! Yes! Yes! I know:

I am pure-dee Bona-Fide White Trash.

And I LOVE TV Dinners!

(If the sauce is not too blue)

Astute observers will note the

Ouija Board

in this video below


Added Value:

I Do LOVE Me Some Dixie Chicks


Caint Say ‘Dixie’ No Mas

My Bad

“White Trash Weddin'”

Bye Fer Now

Y’all come back now, ya he’ah

2 thoughts on “Left-Over Food. Left-Over Dreams. Fell Apart At The Seams. White Trash King!

  1. DFWSteve,

    I’ve eaten some Scary Shit In-My-Day:

    Street Vendors in Cairo
    Roast Beast in Kenya
    Monkey-Meat-On-A-Stick in Olongapo, PI
    Items I did not Recognize in Iraq
    Something that was ‘Supposed to Be Goat in Afghanistan, but wasn’t
    Navy Chow
    Pussy in Tel Aviv
    My Last Wife’s Attempt at ‘Cooking…
    I could go on,
    But I won’t.
    Pretty Sure You have had similar Experiences

  2. Every good fridge needs a slab of Velveeta. A jar of Miracle Whip (i growed up on it – poor man’s mayo).

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