Sometimes I Have “Great Notions”

I read the book in 1971

(Not en français, bien sur)


Then Guess what happened in ’72?

They Released The Movie!

Avec An All-Star Cast

Theatrical Trailer:


Charley Pride:

‘All His Children’

Stamper Home:

Wish it were Mine


“Now that ain’t no new truck, but I sure do feel better”

Does it Show? How Much I Love This Movie.

Newman Directed

Highly Recommended.

This is what Oregon used to be.

(Before All The Morons Took Over)


Viv: “For what? For what?””

Henry: “Well Hell. Don’t ya know? To keep on goin’, that’s what. To work and sleep and screw eat and drink and keep on going.

Viv: “And that’s all?”

Henry: “Honey Sweet, that’s all there is. It’s a whole ball of wax.”

Minor Spoiler Alert Regarding A Minor Character–Not Really Important


More Trivial/Useless Info:

This film was the first movie ever shown on HBO when the service premiered in 1972.


“Cats to kill, eggs to hatch, wood to chop, and ground to scratch.”—Henry Stamper


Added Bonus:

More ‘H. Stamper’


‘Tis a Good Character Name:

Henry/Hank/Harry Stamper

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