This Canadian Fool Done Lost His Mind–If He Ever Even Had One–Justin Trudeau–I’m So Sorry Canada–Surely Better / Saner Times Must Prevail (Eventually)

Salt Man On Canada!

(Yes–Profanity WARNING)

Hey Y’all!

Say A Little Prayer Fer



Aretha Franklin – I Say A Little Prayer:


Them Folks Be NEEDIN’

Them Prayer!

Oh Canada!

How Did Y’all Go So Horribly Wrong?!

Here’s A Clue & A Nickle

First The Clue:


Now The Nickle:


You’re Welcome


Justin Trudeau Under Fire for Wearing Blackface

The Daily Show:



Justin Trudeau Gets Roasted in Toronto–

Andrew Schulz:

Oh Canada, Canada, Canada



Sup With Dis?!

Stop Voting This Pinhead Into Office

Trudeau heckled at ceremony in BC

Marking 1 year since discovery of unmarked graves

Street Cred For Vid Share: Global News




Justin Trudeau is a ‘Botox Dictator’

Credit: Sky News Australia


TOP 5 DUMBEST Trudeau Moments Caught on Camera:

Street Cred For Vid: BackBench Politics


Bonus Round

Mo’ Trudeau-Related & Some Other

Biden-Bullshit Politics:

Doocy OWNS New Press Sec

When She


To Blame Putin for Gas Prices

Credit For Vid Share: BlazeTV

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