Re-Posting This (Expanded) One For 2 Reasons: 1. I Wish Someone To Enjoy The Vids. 2. I Have a ‘Brand New’ SEAL Post Screaming/Clawing to Escape From My Addled Mind And Land-On-My-Blog.

This Should Git ‘R’ Done For My Motivational



Surf Torture: Great FUN!


I Miss My Navy SEAL Training Daze!

“Happy Cockeyed Optimist. I’m Stuck Like a Dope With a Thing called ‘Hope’–

C’est Moi!” I am Stupid Naive!

I’ve loved my life!

Cockeyed Optimist

Mitzi Gaynor

Never Worry!

“Worry” is the Most Useless Waste of Human Emotion

A waste of time and energy!

Video Credit: BobbyMcFerrin #DontWorryBeHappy #Vevo

Late entry/addition which no one will see. I drop it anyway. just a fond memory:

When I was in Navy SEAL training, late Eighties, we had, everyday, to run around with IBS on our head (IBS: Inflatable-Boat-Small).

This is part of a song we made up:

“Oh IBS! Stuck To My Head I Guess!”

The Instructors Often Filled Them With Sand.

Just For The Added Fun


Rock Portage

So Much Fun!

One of My Classmates Managed To Break His Leg While We Were


This Fun Little ‘Evolution’


Keep The ‘FUN’ Comin’ Boys ’til I Can’t Feel Anything

Navy Seal Training

More Surf Passage




Cred for Vid: General Discharge


I loved My Times Two Navy SEAL

Training Experience (’86 & ’88)

This Guy, Patstone, is Very Representative of Your

Typical BUD/s Instructor

I Think Somewhere In-A-Hidden, Very Top-Secret So Cal Location There is A ‘Clone Lab’ Where The Navy Makes These Guys


Best of Instructor Patstone


One day, one morning, my class mustered and went to retrieve our assigned IBS’s. Someone in another boat crew was laughing manically.

WTF? I pondered.

I walked over to the boat crew.

“What is so goddamn funny?” I asked.

“Lookit this shit” one said.

I looked at their IBS.

One of the SEAL instructors had spray-painted on all the IBS’s

“Don’t worry; Be Happy.”

I had to laugh.’

I did still manage to maintain my sense of humor, even though I knew I was probably gonna die that day…. Damn! I miss those days. And all the ‘good’ times! Yeah. Believe what you’ve heard/read: SEAL training is BRUTAL. But ya gotta keep a sense of humor about you. Or at least in your pocket.


I love Barb in Her Sailor Suit!!

(Judy, You know I LOVE You Too!)

“Happy Days Are Here Again!”

Video Credit: George John


Bonus Round:

“Keep The Drinks Comin’ Girl ‘Til I Can’t Feel Anything”

Cred: Joni

The astute viewer will realize that the ‘soldier’ in the vid is Joni

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