White Trash Ingenuity: Making Black Coffee Without A Coffee Percolator


Credit: ExplosmEntertainment


• I Am Out of Instant Coffee

• I Am Out of Money
• I Asked Timothy, My Neighbor, if He Had Any Instant Coffee. He said “No, But I Have This.”
• He Handed me a Container of Folgers Ground and said “You can have the whole thing; I don’t drink that shit.
• I said “Much Obliged. I can make this Work.”


Step One: Scoop Some Coffee Into A Cup Of Hot Tap Water

Step Two: Stir Things Up

Stir It Up

Bob Marley & The Wailers

Cred For Vid: IRON-LION-ZION-777

(You’ll Need The Advil PM Later)

Step Three: NUKE IT

Step Four: Strain Through Thin Fabric.

I Prefer HANES Under-Drawers But You Do You.

“Inspector #12”

Cred For Share: ewjxn

If available, use a clean pair of drawers, if not (as in my case) try to steer clear of the crotch area. Use the ‘back-side’, close to the hip, or just find a ‘semi-clean’ six square-inch section or so.

Step Five: ENJOY:


“Black Coffee”

Beth Hart & Joe Bonamassa


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