Better Watch Out for That Gravity Storm! Or… ‘Be Yet Still My Beating Heart’ And Yes! Yes! I Know! I Need To Seek Council. (Bin There–Did That! It Didn’t Take–Smallish *Sigh*)

Gravity Storm!

It Don’t Give No Warnin’ Sign!

What Has Happened Here?

No Warnin’ Sign!

Never Is

Jimmy Buff-Aye!





No Secret How I LOVE Claire Danes!

Ed Note:

This Post...

Is All Convoluted

And Fukk’rd Up


I May Endeavor To ‘Fix it’ Later

But Don’t Hold Y’re Breath!

Fore I am, After-All,

A Lazy-Faire Son-Uvva-Bitch


Stay Tuned

Or Not!



“I Found My Self,

Face-Down On A Barroom Floor

Crying “My God! What Have They Done To Me?!”

“Back-Sider’s Wine”

JJ Walker

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