My Savanna Erstwhile GF (You Know The One–If You Have Been Paying Attention) Did A Generous, Glorious, Selfless Thang: She Sent Me Yet Another ‘Care Package’–Perhaps She Does Truly Love Me After-All? Naw!

We Do Have a Bit of A...




She Sent To me…

Wait for it…

“Instant Chili!”

Yet Alas!

She Forgot The Picante Sauce, but What-The-Hell, Right?!

I Can Forgive Her That Small Over-Slight

Still Happy, Happy Lance!


She Sent to Me:

Now This Would Have Been A ‘Texas Travesty

Years and Beers & Tears Ago

But My Times & Situations Have Changed.

And I Appreciated This!


Chili is Groovy!

By Steve Miller Band

Good Ole TEXAS Band!

Cred Fer Texas Share: Playtime 24×7

I am Livin’ A Charmed Life

If Only ONE Person Loves Me,

I am Way Ahead Of The Game

What I Don’t Deserve To Win


And I Am Very Thankful For What I’ve Got:

Cred: Curtis

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