I Was Searchin’ For My ‘Happy Face / Place” Found It Hare! (Booze Is Helpful Too) Be Happy & Rejoice! Git After It Y’all. Nothin’ But Love For My Readers–Both Of You!

Lance Old Geezer Happy Face:

This is as Good

as it gets

In j-my Mouse House


“More Shit That Makes Me Happy!”

–A Re-Werked,



Batch Of Shit

That Makes Me HAPPY


Expanded Post In The Spirit of The Up-Coming Season.

Yes! I Am An Atheist!

But I Still Love Christmas!

Please Enjoy This Post Avec Le Videos,.

J’espère Vous Do Yu (VooDoo?

You too? Day-um!

Guess I am Not As Alone as I Thot I was)”


Not To Over-State The Oblivious, vi-we Owe U Us, But This Is A Happy, Upbeat Post I Humbly Submit

As My Early Christmas Gift

To All My Readers.

All Of You:

All Four of You


Hey! Hey! José!

How are You today?


May I See Yer Green Card?

By the way


Credit: José Feliciano

It’s The Time of the Season

For Reason

For Tolerance

For Compassion

Cred for Vid: andrew91118

And I Shall Always Remain Thankful For What I’ve Got

And Merci Curtis–I Shall Never Grow Weary of This Classic Song. Your Words Have Guided My Life’s Philosophy Ever Since I First Heard Them,

So Many Many Years & Beers & Happy Tears Ago

Cred: Curtis Mayfield

Yeah, I’m A Happy Camper

Credit: Pharrell Williams

Credit: Sam O’Nella



Vid Share Cred: ILMJXXX


Annie Hall

That’s All!

“And That’s All I’m Gonna Say About That.”

(Thank You Forrest; You May Go Now)

“Annie, talk to them. You speak shellfish.”

You gots to be mo’ careful



Crab Lady

Cred for Share: K. Antoinette


Born in Arizona; Moved To Oklahoma…. Wait! Whaaat???

Street Cred: SNL


Egyptian: Walk This Way


Cred: The Bangles

Credit: Sam O’Nella

Credit: Sam O’Nella

Two More Bottles Of Wine

Cred for Vid Share: Ultimatekaya

Emmylou is so drop-dead beautiful (and so ‘feisty’ in this performance. I love love LOVE her!)


Martians Are Summoning Me!

“Linda, You got Some ‘Splaining to do”

Cred For vid: John Prine

Linda goes to Mars and leaves her mind behind.

(I can certainly relate)

One More From Beautifully Lovely Emmylou:

Leaving Louisiana in the Broad Daylight 

(Volume is Borked–Crank This One Y’all)

Cred for Vid Share: TopPop

Best lyric from this song:
“It ain’t no time for lengthy speeches.”

Or this one: “There ain’t no way to stop the water”

(It’s a ‘photo finish.’)

Such a wonderful song. I love you Emmylou!


Best Movie to Come Out Of The Nineties?


All Signs Point To


Oh Hell Yes!

Cred for Vid Clip Share: manetaki


King Arthur’s Footnote:

I “Lift” A Lot From The Inner-Webs

But I am No Thief.

I ALWAYS Endeavor to CRED

(Unless it isn’t blatantly obvious–yet even then… I try to do it–Someone took the time and the bandwidth to bother to upload it. And I appreciate that)

Whenever I can and can Find The Time, I cred, and if I don’t have the time at that moment, I come back. Always.

If I push that Back, I come back until Later and Fix any Over-Sight/Slight

Thank You

This point is Important to Me.

It is a simple matter of respect for The Work of Others who Do My Heavy Lifting for Me

That’s all.


Aretha Franklin – Respect [1967]

Street Cred for Vid: TatanBrown

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  1. Emmylou and Gram Parsons. Now THAT duo could make music. I did hang out with Chris Hillman a couple of times. He was NOT enamored by Gram’s unpredictability. They were headed to S Africa on a tour from London. Gram was a no-show at airport. Was over at Keef Richard’s house high-as-a-kite.

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