I Love Jodie Foster! I Cannot Help It! Damn It! She is Perfection! She is Perfect! Perfect Perfect Perfection In Every Way! All Day! Have I Made My Point?

Perfection In Every Sense Of That Word. Damn!

(She Probably Don’t Even Wear High Heels)

I Don’t Care! I’d Follow Her Anywhere!

She Speaks Française

That’s OK

So Do I

Je parle(s) Français.

My Own Self


Indila – Dernière Danse:

Fuk It!

I’m An Idiot!


She Is So Fukkin CharmingI

Love Her!

Wish She Wer’nt Gay,

Spoils My ‘Chances’ With Her.

In My Wildest Pipe Dreams!


I Wish!

But That’s OK

I Still Love Her!


But I Am Drunk

And Caint right now

I cannot Do Justice

Comments are magical