Almost My Last ‘Lucia Chap’–The Denouement is Coming – Soon. Please Stand By. Bye! Bye!

I came home one day.
So happy to be off work.
Walked in the door.
Waited for Lucia to jump me and try to claw my eyes out.

She did not come.
I went looking for her.

Found her motionless, prostrated on the floor.

Gently I Gathered Her in My Arms and drove Her to The Vet.

“Please Fix My Cat” I said handing her to him.

“I’ll do my Best,” He said.

Turns out, His ‘Best’ Was Not Good Enough


‘Chia died on me.

‘Devastation’ is not nearly a strong enough word.

What Have I Become?

Why am I Still Alive When All My Friends Are Dead?

I know it’s silly, stupid, ‘scrazy’, but I will



Never Get over the loss of that God–Damn Cat,

After All These Years and Tears and Beers…

I still miss her!

My Pet

My Lucia


It still, still today,

Hurts so BAD!



Try to Remain In Your Up-Beat, Happy Lane!

Do NOT Wallow in Depression.

That is NOT Healthy Behavior!

Move On!

Street Cred for Vid: Pharrell Williams


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