My Mind Has Left The Building! Yes! I Am A Stupid, Sentimental Old Fool. Please Wish Me Well. This Is Just Yet Another ‘Tease’ WIP (‘Wonton ‘A-Meri-Ca’)

A Tease

For A Post I have Bouncing About in My Head.

Working Title:

“Wonton America.”

All Americans are “Want-Ones”

You Have Probably Already Figured Out

By Now

Why This Is Poignant & Timely

And Apropos

Street Cred for Vid:  ‘Playing For Change

That you?

Herb Alpert The Tijuana Brass A Taste of Honey


The young Lady Singing Above…

Broke My Already Broken Heart.

Will I Work for Beer!

Hell Yeah I Will!

Oh Drear!
Or Dear!
Oh Drat!

Damn Cat!

Diana Fuentes


Yeah. I know The Musical Selection is Miss-Matched.

And the Language is ALL Wrong!

But it Suits My Purpose

So There!


And Word to Some Wise:

Don’t Go THERE.

I will hurt Your Feelings



It is Gonna Be About

All The Years I Spent In

South-East Asia.


And About LOVING & Cherishing  

All The People I had the Honour To Know There….


Stay Tuned.

Don’t Change That Dial!




Pee Pee Esss:

I have been to Cuba only Once.

(And I didn’t even manage to get off my ship)

Pretty Sure Next Time I Get To Go…

I’ll Be Arriving



That’ll Be Me:

Second Guy On The Bottom Left.

Comments are magical