This Is Just A-‘For-Fun’ Re-Run Teaser: The “Real” New Project I am Working on, Working Titles: “Evil Felines” or “Cat Scratch Fever” Vote On It! S’il Vous Plaît. Okay?

My Sociopath Kitty Lucia.

(You can spot the Social Anxiety Disorder in her eyes.)

Best “Pussy” I ever had.
She was a tiny little dominatrix.
My favorite kind of female.

Bitch Scratched Me!

Stray Cats

Street Cred For Vid: The Pet Collective

Street Cred For Vid: CurlySVT


Cast & Crew:
Tweety Bird: Lance Marcom
Sylvester the Cat: Lucia

Director: Cecil B. De-Jerk

Special Effects: Monty-The-Moron

Choreographer: Paula-‘Old-School’ Abdul:

(A Cat-Woman on Steroids–She Gots Dem Moves!)

So Awesomely Sexy! Makes My Teeth Hurt!

(And ALL the Rest of My Anatomy)

Street Cred For Vid: MusicGamesBR


Lucia (Transgender Version. Hahahaha!)


Teaser: The “Real” New Project I am Working on:

“Lucia, The Cat From Hell!”

It promises to be a long one.

Stay Tuned Stray Cat Ladies…

(Lucia ruined me for all other kitties.)


The Cat From Hades!
Broke my Heart!

But not before She Made me Bleed

(Often and Skillfully)

Never An Ounce Of “I’m Sorry” in Her Little Singular Cat Body.

And I loved Her.

Oh God! How I loved Her!

To Be Continued…

Right Here

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