‘Naitivity’ Fukkin’ WP ALWAYS Prompts Me To “Update” Ev’n If I Just Casually ‘Look’ At A Post! Fuk U Word-Press! Stop Wastin’ My Finite Time!!

I Know Where You Live!

I Will Darken Yer Door!

U Won’t Have A Fun Time!

Beeleeve You Me!

Do NOT Do it Word-Press! I Will Come to Your Town!

Oh My God!

What’s Happening To Me?

Surely this is a word (http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/naive)

Maybe not…

When I first  started this blog… (so many moons ago) I thought to myself, I thought: “Here is where I will write my Great American Novel” They will come. 


“fruition” is just a word.

coming to same… is.. well… 

Forget You!

(Yep! oft-times, I revert to Peanut-speak he was, is,  the smartest dead man I know) 

have ever known…

I love (d) him. I miss him; He spelled it out.


I miss him.

Marvelous much.

He and I, we heard (hearded) them chimes at midnight.

Yeah; I miss The  Pee-Nut.

(He died too soon)

he was a bull-rider….

“Blow, you old blue Norther”

He was my friend.


“Cynical… and drunk… and…. boring…”

Yeah: Nut would call me out that way (And No! Yes! He hated Joni Mitchell)

“Fucx you Peanut! I never cared one whit about your opinions!”  You asshole!

And yes, I know…  Judy Collins… But she got the words wrong. She said, “Northern” not “Norther”
Anyone who lives in Texas… know them difference.

Judy was… hot though, weren’t she??

Really hot.

I always forgave her (for her ‘hotness’)


“I’m gonna blow this damn candle out..”

See ya!


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