Fuk it! I’ll Real Post’r=Ize it, over-size’d & Over-Criticized, Ostracized, —

Cuz n’ I’m am, Who I Yam. A Just a Man…”Fore Real” Ass-Hole” Asshole– Hamsterdam? What I am! (Apologies to ‘The Wire’- Wonderful TV Series) I cannot edeit This. Fuk it! Call Me “Popeye The Sailor Man” I Live in a Garbage Can”

I eats me Spinach!”

I could Comment on this,

But I’ll spare


Yer welcome

Now Go to fuk Yerself

(Just Kiddin’)

Toni, Don’t Let yer fake teeth hit you in the ass on your way out!

Try Not to Laugh at me

Way back in the day when I was a wee child and living in Kansas City with My Daddy and my Evil Step-Mom DJ, I had a pet hamster.

He was a tiny baby hamster, so I had to feed him from a very tiny baby milk bottle. I loved feeding him so much in this way.

Well I kinda ‘over-did’ it and one day he just exploded.

It was, needless to say, a shocking mess.

Hamster abuse!


But I was guilty!

Imagine my remorse.

This was my first personal foray into tragedy.

First time I ever felt sorrow.

I tried to hold on to memories of happier times:

But I kept having this recurring dream:

I was not an evil child.

But I grew up to be an evil man.

It’s a Darwinian thing:


Survival of the fittest

What goes around comes around I guess.


Good Karma?

I’ve accumulated none.

(And probably too late to rack up any)

Oh wait!

John and Yoko can hook me up! Who?

Well, fuk u

How in the world you gonna see?

Laughin’ at fools like me?

(I Love Yoko– Dragon Queen)

She is Subtle Scary

She Frightens Me

In That Way

In That Good Way

Added Bonus Value: HAMSTERDAM:

Video Compilation Credit: hartzilladesign

I’ll fiz tiss fuck;d up post later

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