This Is A True “Sea-Story”– I’d Like To Hope It Paints Me In An Honorable Light. But It Is True–Take That With However Many Grains of Salt You Require.

I Am NOT A Bad Man.

I Am A Decent, Respectful, Caring Man.

I Have Respect & Compassion.


Believe It or Do Not,

But This Was The First

Anti-Racism Film

To Come Out Of Hollywood.


I’m Gonna Wash That Man Right Out Of My Hair

Cred For Share: Rodgers & Hammerstein


South Pacific-Bali Hai:

Cred For Vid Share: Currywurscht

You’ve Got To Be Carefully Taught- SOUTH PACIFIC

First Really Anti-Racist Hollywood Film

“You Must Be Carefully Taught”

“It’s Not Born In Us”

Rodgers & Hammerstein’s

“South Pacific”

Please Read/Watch It

I’m Stuck On A Thing On A Thing Called “Hope”

I Poured My Heart Into ‘Building’ It

(This Was Not The Out-Come I Required/Nor Desired)

“Part Six of A Sailor’s Scholarly History of the South Pacific:

Mary-Lou and Mama-San and Gainful Unemployment”

Sorry for my profanity: I am a sailor after all)”

Bloody Mary

Fun Little Known Fact:

Most of the Actors in this Scene Are Gay


“What ain’t we got?

We Ain’t Got Dames.”

I Love This Movie.

I have spent far too much of my life in the

South Pacific.

Cred: Rodgers & Hammerstein

Here is how Bar Fines are designed to work in Olongapo:

  1. You pay the girl’s bar fine to the Mama San
  2. You get a receipt.
  3. You take your ‘rental’ to your room.
  4. You fuck her.
  5. Sometimes you feed her first.
  6. Thusly sated, satisfied, you cast her away.

Here is how bar fines are not designed to work:

  1. You do NOT Lose it. (Your receipt)
  2. You broke it; you bought it.
  3. You hand over your receipt to your rental so she can leave you.

Well, that is the short version.

The thing is, in Olongapo, Bar Girls walking about on Magsaysay Blvd, alone, without a bar fine receipt are considered in the eyes of the law to be ‘common’ street walkers. And subject to arrest.

And thrown under the jail.

For months.

So what was the very first thing I did with Mary-Lou Perucho?

I handed over my Bar Fine Receipt.

“Here ya go Darling. Put this in your pocket. Don’t lose it. Now shall we go to my hotel?”

“Sure.” She said nervously.

So we went to my cheap hotel. I had no intention of having sex with her. I was just lonely as I have mentioned. I just wanted to talk with her. Get to know her (not in that biblical sense—in that humane sense—I was lonely and she reminded me of an old High School sweetheart…)

I had been drinking (duh), so I excused myself after I had parked her in front of the television. I went to the head, took a piss. Came back. She was gone.

She had left me.

Guess she thought I was gonna try to fuck her.

( I had no such intentions)

But who could blame her for leaving?

I weighed in at two-hundred pounds and change.

She was, soaking wet, about ninety eight.

If I had fucked her, I might have broken her.

But apparently caution  being the better part of smart told her to bug out.

And I had given her, her pass:

The Bar Fine Receipt.

It made me sad that I had not expressed well enough my benevolent propensity.

Of course, like the asshole I was, I went back to Viva Young the next afternoon and complained to Mama San. I wanted my money back. My rental had left me.

Mama San was not amused, but in the spirit of good customer service, she fired Mary Lou.

This was NOT the outcome I desired.

So now was I not just an asshole, but a stellar asshole.

I would have to search out Mary Lou and attempt to make things right.

All I truly wanted was a pretty girl to lay down beside me and hold my hand and listen to my stories…

And keep me company.

And pretend as if she cared.

Just pretend.

I’ll pay you.

After we pulled out of Olongapo, I sent her money every month for a lot of months. When we eventually returned to Ologapo after some months I looked her up and gave her a bunch of gifts I had purchased with her in my mind in Hong Kong. She really was not impressed. Hurt my feelings.

Linda is so beautiful.

To Be Continued

Part Five Maybe? May Be Discovered Here:

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