T Stupid, (And he Loves Joni Mitch’ll) Fuk All Y’all!

Daniel Powter – Bad Day

I Was in Denial for Years! Now, recently, the dark, dank, stark realization floods over me, I Cannot Breathe– Nor Deal with This! I Miss My Sis!

I Miss My Sister!

(Yes! I Must Laugh To Keep From Crying All-The-Time)

One Saturday night, Madelyn and I (And Jennifer Rambo)

Found ourselves standing before Daddy.

In His Study.

That Bitch Gloria

(My Step-Mom)

was there as Well.

Our ‘Mission’… was to procure/beg money.

Maddy and Jennifer did this Joni (as a) Duet and Perfection two-part Harmony:

a capella!


Street Cred For The Vid: JoniJourney

(It was Brilliant!)

It worked.

But Madelyne never failed to understand / underestimate her powers


(They Got Ten bucks.
And left.

As Madelyn was hitting the ‘Exit Door,’

(With her combined fortune of twenty bucks)

she cast a ‘sideways’ glance at me over her shoulder and grinned, not un-like a Cheshire Kitty.

I knew exactly what she said, un-said:

Try to follow my act Asshole. Love Ya! Mean it! Good Luck!



That Bitch Gloria then looked me up-and-down, said,

“Well, Lance? What can YOU do?”

I wanted to say,

“I Can Strangle you in your sleep Bitch!”

“I can strangle you in your sleep.”

I really wanted to say that!

But of course, I didn’t say that.

So, I said, “I Cain’t sing or dance; I just want ten bucks.”

Daddy smiled at me.

Pulled out his wallet again, gave me a ‘tenner’—and said,

“Here you go Son. Be careful.”

That Bitch Gloria was not amused.

But I was.

As I exited Stage Right.



I miss Madelyn so much.

And I miss Daddy.

Of Course.


Some day, one day, I will empty gallons of virtual ink… about my father.

But I am not yet ready.

Not Today

3 thoughts on “T Stupid, (And he Loves Joni Mitch’ll) Fuk All Y’all!

  1. Johnny Whitley

    I lov’d her.
    She was my first kiss
    Her breath reeked of cigarettes
    I didn’t care
    Her kiss opened a whole new world for me

  2. I hadn’t thought of Jennifer Rambo in years. Thanks for mentioning her.

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