Had To. Sorry Kids! Ex-Panda’d Re-Run. Felt Compelled. Re-Rum Alert! Up-Dated, Slightly Inebriated, and Slightly Expand-I-Cated–Bigly-Cated

And, Having Intelligence is AWFUL!

By The Way.

Some Days, I Wish I Could Die and Be Re-incarnated as an Ostrich–

With My Head Stuck ‘Safely’

In the Sand

But Alas.

There is no God Gonna

Grant Me

That Ignorance Bliss

*Heavy Sigh*

Old Post,

But has been Sanitized for your Protection–



I Harbor A Serious Weed

Up My Ass


You Guessed It:


Street Cred For Vid: Gus Johnson


Fuk U FB!

I Cancelled My Subscription.

Boo… Who?


Yer Next On My ‘Hit Parade

(Don’t Fret! I Love You Facebook!–Not!)

FaceBook Recently Got Fukked!

Mark Zuckerberg Says He Is Not a Lizard Person

I Had No Idea–

Guess I Need To Get Out More

Hoisted by Their Own Re-tard!


Hey! Facebook!?

Enjoy The Sound of Silence!

It’s Coming.

To an ISP Near You.

We’ve Had Enough of Your Bullshit!



Hush Hush Mark Fuck-You Berg!

Zuckerberg Has Suction-Cupped His FB Tentacles So Deep Into The American Morons — Not Y’all, Of Course– That He Is Becoming Dangerous–This College Drop-Out. I Got Nothing Aghast Drop-Outs–Since I are One. But This Asshole is a Moron.

Not Un-Like Bill Gates–I’ll Get To Him Next.

Stand By

Ah! The Wonderful Sound of Silence!

Love this guy!

I cannot find the original content creator to credit. Standby. I am still searching.


Love This Guy Too!

Cred: The Church of Fuck You


Hate This Guy!

Anyone see this asshole below, shoot on sight

Lance Marcom

Wanted for Murdering Sanity

Reward: Fifty Cents

Last Seen: Bar in Dubai

Circa 1887

Good Luck and Happy Hunting


Since I am a ‘film snob’ and arrogant, and an Asshole, and full of myself, I am going to hit you over the head with something which should be blatantly obvious about this image below:

“2001” ‘Obelisk

Or ‘Monolith’

I don’t get too hung up on semantics

Facebook has become so powerful that, for some people, having a Facebook account is more important than a driver’s license. But when you lose that account, there’s no recourse.

For Any Enquiring Minds Who Give-A-Shit:

I recently deleted My Face-Fuk Account of 12 Years.

Guess what happened next.

FaceBook sent a buxom Blond to Mi Casa.

Ostensibly to give me a blow-job.

(My Hope always springs eternal.)

But it did not take me long to figger out that all she wanted was for me to undelete my account.

I politely invited her to go fuck herself.

(She left in haste)

In a cloud of dust  and flying gravel.

“If I could just get off of that Facebook Freeway without gettin’ killed or caught

(Sorry JJ)

“Down the Road In A Cloud Of Smoke.”

Good Riddance!

“Landlords/Land-Ladies Always Bore Me”

(I went back to my neglected beer and we had a good time–spending some quality time together)

“Love’s a gift that’s truly handmade.”

–JJ Walker



I see

Too much

Of me

In Steve

“Pack Up All Yer Dishes”

Street Cred: Steve Earle

3 thoughts on “Had To. Sorry Kids! Ex-Panda’d Re-Run. Felt Compelled. Re-Rum Alert! Up-Dated, Slightly Inebriated, and Slightly Expand-I-Cated–Bigly-Cated

  1. Loved that JJW. Went to several of Jacky Jack Double Trouble’s birthday blowouts in Austin and Luckenbach.
    I never got a facebook. But I did talk to Billy Joe Shaver not long before he died. He told me to get the hay baled. And that’s what I did. The other day someone asked Dylan what he was listening to these days. The reply? Billy Joe Shaver.

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